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We’ve been big fans of using insects for feed for many years. Birds absolutely love them, and what could be healthier? (for a bird, anyhow)

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Sometimes it takes a long time for an idea to become reality and then suddenly, its time has come.  We’ve been following the development of Black Soldier Fly larvae as an ingredient in our sustainable chicken feeds for at least ten years.  We’ve been working with a visionary company to get these to market, and these little creatures are finally available commercially.  They are a great way to treat your birds or to raise the protein content of your favorite feed for boosting or heavy laying flocks. No more expensive protein meals lost on the ground.  Your birds will gobble them up -- well, like flies.

A hen with a bug in her beak is a very happy hen, and Union Point Custom Feeds is excited to offer this novel protein feed ingredient.  We offer dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a high protein, high fat addition to your birds’ diets. With a terrific crude protein content of 35-40% and a healthy fat content of 35-38%, these little dehydrated bugs are a great solution to providing protein and fat to your flock.  The fat in these little guys is no slouch, either. It has a great fatty acid profile (the Omegas) and is an excellent choice to help birds keep warm in cold weather or to increase calorie intake within a bird’s little digestive system.

Not only do birds go crazy for them, the nutrition and taste of eggs from well fed hens make humans love their eggs.  (We wondered if the eggs would taste like bugs, whatever bugs taste like, so we’ve fed them to our own research flock for several months.  The answer is, the eggs are delicious.)

Birds have an instinctive drive to seek out food that matches the birds’ favorite sizes and shapes.  Not surprisingly, dried larvae are exactly the right size, shape, and taste, and are a perfect nutritional complement to the grains and seeds birds also love.  They’re a unique ingredient to satisfy your birds’ natural protein hunger, which cuts down on total feed consumption. The birds won’t waste a single one, and they’re perfectly matched to a bird’s nutritional needs.

The larvae are sustainably farmed in the Northwest and then dried to preserve them before they turn into Black Soldier Flies and fly away. They are a truly sustainable feed ingredient in a new – yet old -- way.

They are a perfectly balanced, natural source of protein and fat and a tasty treat your birds will “bug” you about.