We carry a complete line of poultry feeds, all made right here in our facility. From hatch to adult, you can feed the healthiest feeds with confidence that there are no fillers, no GMOs, no dust, no mold…just the best, cleanest feed ingredients put together with skill and love.

Look ma, no dust!

Look ma, no dust!


Early Learner starter

We love baby chicks, and we want them to have the very best start. Here are details on our most popular 22% non-GMO starter. It’s tough to get the protein just right without soy, but we have done it! They don’t need to stay on it as long as they do with most starters, because it is so nutritious. Pretty soon they are ready for Grower.


turkey, quail and game bird starter

On the other hand, tiny poults, quail and game birds do need more protein. It’s not easy to make a non-GMO starter that provides 26% crude protein, but here it is. We can even make it in tiny crumbles for button quail!

grower chicks.jpg

Duck starter

Ducks have a vital need for some things (especially the vitamin niacin) that chicks don’t, but there’s no harm in letting the chicks have extra. This is the rare case where a single feed works well for both species. It is made to fit the needs of the neediest species. Ducklings thrive on the same starter we make for chicks, so you can feed one feed to both or either.


Grower feeds

From the time their beaks (or bills) are big enough to eat the grower pellets, the transition from starter to grower is simple and easy. The super-dense nutrition of the 18% protein grower give the big kids and the teenagers as much healthy growth as they can use, even more than most 20% or higher growers. Whether you are growing future layers or meat birds, that awkward time between baby and adult will speed by while your birds grow their structure. More on the next page.