Custom, Signature, Private and White Labeling

This is how we started: We weren’t satisfied with the feeds that we could buy off the shelf, so we set about to develop our own products. We were too small to interest a commercial mill in making our products, so we built a little mill that would specifically fit the need we saw for small lots of custom feed. 

Signature Feeds

Initially we built feeds for ourselves, then added feeds and supplements that other people wanted us to build for them. Our Union Point Custom Feeds, Mrs. Clucker’s and White Horse Botanicals signature product lines grew from these original feeds. We’ve refined them through the years and they have proved themselves with a loyal following.

Private formulas: Everyone Wins

We’ve always maintained our interest in new products. Some of our customers have feeds they believe in strongly, supplements they have dreamed up, or products that we have helped them develop. Some of these existed only in the owners’ imaginations at first. Some already existed but could be improved, and others just naturally grew out of the success of the first products. Our clients sell them within their own networks, and some of these products are now being sold under the owners’ labels all over the country and even internationally. Some are sold through individual websites like this one and some go through web-based outlets like Amazon or Ebay. We just make the feeds, enjoy the owners’ praise, and smile when we see their name on them instead of ours. We get to make the products and someone else fills the orders. Perfect.

Here is one of our private label feeds.  This one is for tiny pigs.

Here is one of our private label feeds. This one is for tiny pigs.

It's encouraging how people who are passionate about their animals can build a successful business.  We have clients that have built brilliant businesses around the products that we have developed and manufacture here, and we are proud to be associated with their success. Being part of your success lets us do what we do best (development and manufacturing) and lets you do what you do best (promoting and selling your product).


Some folks want their own brand but want us to do it all. They prefer a formula we have already developed and produced. We call this “white-labeling,” and it means you can have us make our proven feeds and supplements under your label. 

We welcome you to contact us about your ideas. We respect your confidentiality and are glad to sign NDAs. We can explore your ideas together and see if development and manufacture of your new product will work for you.