Ducks and Waterfowl

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Many of our feeds are designed from the start to fit the needs of both chickens and ducks. It’s relatively easy for a professional nutritionists to make a feed fit two related species if we just aim for the requirements of the higher-need species. Many feed companies avoid this to sell two separate feeds, but we’d rather make it simple. You can feed our special Flap and Quack if you want to treat your ducks to a diet closest to what they would find in the wild. Or you can feed many of our other poultry feeds to both chickens and waterfowl to save chore time and storage space which giving them equally good nutrition. Both methods work, and waterfowl thrive either way.

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We’ll admit to a soft spot for Flap and Quack for good clean fun. It has all the nutrition of our other layer feeds with an extra helping of the seeds a bird might find foraging in this part of the world. Flap and Quack contains both the specially formulated high-protein pellets, the vitamins and minerals they need and the wild seeds they crave to ‘fill the bill’. Wheat, oats, peas, flax seed, pumpkin seed, millet, buckwheat, maize, sloughgrass, sudan grass, sunflower seed, wild rice, wild maize and other seeds as we find them are on the menu. Of course like all our feeds they are non-GMO. It’s a lot like our Natural Environments but has lower calcium and so is suitable for growers and non-laying ducks as well.

But don’t discount the simplicity and convenience of using Mrs. Clucker’s layer feeds, either the all-pelleted Layer18% or the Natural Environments 18%. They are as good for ducks as they are for chickens.