Grower Feeds for Poultry

Like all our feeds, our Corn, Soy and GMO-Free Grower with Pumpkin leaves out the bad stuff and is packed full of the good stuff in the most nutritious, digestible and waste-free form.  It is made from wheat, peas, fishmeal, pumpkin seeds, brewers’ yeast, kelp, and all the vitamins and minerals your birds need to grow efficiently and safely.  It has been the choice of many meat bird growers in the Willamette Valley and beyond for several years because it works.  It contains 18% crude protein from perfectly balanced amino acid proteins like lysine and methionine found in the Northwest grown ingredients we love, and because we use no fillers, there is less manure.

Farmers can expect rapid healthy growth and vigorous birds that taste great.  Whether you choose a production bird like the Cornish Cross or a slower growing pasture-targeted breed, Union Point’s Corn, Soy and GMO-Free Grower with Pumpkin will allow your meat birds to reach their full genetic potential, producing top-quality meat with the home-raised taste that is our goal.  

Pullets will make the transition from pullets to laying hen with a healthy start that will be reflected in a long and productive life. Begin feeding a layer feed around a month before they begin laying so they build up a good store of calcium.