Goats: Just Kidding


UPCF Soy, Corn, & GMO-free Goat Concentrate with Pumpkin

Many folks avoid eating genetically modified foods and are equally uncomfortable with feeding them to their animals.  But what’s an owner to do? Over 80% of the corn, soybeans, beet pulp and canola used in the feeds industry is genetically modified.  There’s a better way.

We’ve developed, polished and proven our line of GMO-free feeds since 2008, researching and evaluating ways to exclude Genetically Modified Organisms while providing excellent nutrition. At Union Point Custom Feeds we have been building nutrient-dense feeds loved by animals and owners alike since 2001.  Our standards for freshness, ingredient quality, dialed-in nutrition and our meticulous quality control stand out in the private label and custom feeds market.

We know a lot more about feeding goats, sheep, cattle, and other ruminants than we did back in Grandma’s day.  Then it was simple: grass, hay and oats, maybe some corn. Back then, soybeans were a health food and the letters GMO were just letters.  Feed wasn’t made of “forage products”. “processed grain byproducts” or unidentified “plant proteins,” GMO Canola hadn’t been invented yet, and a feed tag told you when the feed was made and what was in it. 

Union Point Custom Feeds is taking the GMO-free philosophy and blending it with cutting-edge nutrition.  As the only nutritionist-owned mill in the Pacific Northwest, Union Point is in a unique position to develop formulas that please both animals and their owners.   

Our Just Kidding Soy, Corn and GMO-free Goat Concentrate contains easy-to-digest Northwest grown oats, green peas and organic yellow peas, flax seed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals that includes better absorbed forms like selenium yeast, chelated manganese, zinc and cobalt. Formulated with safe, high levels of vitamins A, D, and E, the goat concentrate is pH balanced for optimum rumen health and a calm digestive system and are rich in anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants so it is both healthy and delicious.

Digestive enzymes, direct-fed microbials, prebiotics and probiotics provide a solid nutritional base for optimal health.  A taste of molasses and natural trace mineral salts finishes out the tastiest, most wholesome feed your animals will ever love to crunch. It’s clearly labeled and dated for freshness.

Whether you are feeding dairy goats, raising kids, showing or just making sure your pets live long and healthy lives, Just Kidding is just the best we can make it.  No kidding.  (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)


And naturally there is the Just Kidding Mineral Mix. Goats love loose salt-based minerals and will eat them happily. It’s a great way to get hoof support zinc, important copper, rumen-buffering sodium bicarb and selenium into them, especially when they are out on pasture. The goat’s instinctive drive for salt is a great way to get them to eat the amount you want! Our goats love this, but they don’t overeat it, either. Introduce it gradually if your animals have not had salt lately, or if they haven’t liked their old mineral mix.