Cattle (and Goats)

Our cattle booster is Over the Mooon.

cow and goat .jpg

Many of our people have a few cattle or a milk cow or two. They want to feed them a non-GMO concentrate feed to improve production, growth, show-readiness, or just to get them to come into the barn.

We developed this for our own cattle, as a booster for rodeo stock and as a source of extra nutrition for milking cows and does. It works equally well for goats.

Featuring our favorite ingredients, the pumpkin seeds, peas, rolled oats, wheat, probiotics, vitamins and minerals are top-dressed with a little maple flavor that brings them in from the far side of the pasture. There’s a grass-fed version and a sheep version (Sweet Lamb Pie).


And of course we have a companion free-choice mineral, also named Over the Mooon to keep things simple.