Most of us don’t eat like pigs now that we are grown.  The pig’s digestive system is a lot like ours, but feeding pigs is like feeding very hungry little kids.  We’ve all seen how pigs gobble their feed in an effort to get as much as possible shoved inside before the other pig gets it.  Like little kids they are messy, they eat with their mouths open, they play with their food, they make a lot of racket, and most important, they don’t chew it up well. 

When feeding pre-ground food that’s fine.  You don’t have to chew mac and cheese; the wheat in the macaroni has been ground and cooked.  If you feed baked beans and hot dogs, everything has already been ground up and cooked.  If they are eating fresh vegetables, the food is soft enough that all its surfaces are going to be exposed to digestive enzymes. The problem comes if we expect them to efficiently digest something that is hard and neither cooked nor processed – chopped or whole grains, for example.  We don’t feed our toddlers hard chopped grains and seeds because although the nutrition is in the food they can’t digest it well because they don’t chew it up like we do.  They can eat Cheerios™ but they can’t eat whole oats.  They can eat whole wheat bread, but not whole wheat.

Here at Union Point Custom Feeds we make our feeds with carefully chosen ingredients that meet our strict standards.  They must be fresh, free of mold and dust, good tasting, preferably locally sourced, domestic and non-GMO.  We track ingredients with a paper trail that ensures traceability for food and feed safety.  Our owner-nutritionist then combines them in a way that maximizes their digestibility and helps the animals perform their best.  Pelleted feeds must keep their form and be free of dust.  Feeds drizzled with molasses or vegetable oil must be just right to pass the miller’s inspection.  Our goal is to produce the best feed as efficiently as we can so that every feed dollar buys your animal the maximum nutrition. Less manure is a nice benefit, too.  

We start with whole grains and seeds, grind them and mix them with vitamins, minerals and healthy additives like brewer’s yeast, kelp, Redmond trace mineral salt, botanicals and probiotics.  We make a pellet using whole grains that are ground and formed into pellets in our cool steam machinery. We’re sticklers for freshness and that’s why we put the date of manufacture right on the tag.

UPCF Corn, Soy, and GMO-Free Pig is an excellent feed for lactating sows also.  Breeders encourage free-choice consumption for the best milk production so the piglets start out right on their mama’s milk with her feed as a side dish.  It makes for an easy transition at weaning time.

We raise meat animals to ensure the best possible life for the animals and the best tasting meat for our families.  Wholesome and tasty ingredients prepared right make good feed, and good feed makes good food for our tables.  The taste tells the story, and it’s a good story.