What does it cost?

Because we are a small, busy mill building both custom feeds and our own line of feed products, it’s impractical to post mill-direct prices on the Web. For custom orders, an email to info@unionpoint.com or a phone call to 541-603-8180 (Jon) or 541-954-0945 (Alice) should get you the information you need. We’ll return calls and emails if we are tied up.

ABOUT Bagged feeds

At one time we made only custom feeds. Many of the formulas which we originally put together for individual situations have proved themselves so well we have registered them and keep them on the shelf for people who don’t want to wait for a custom feed to be made, or who prefer these tried-and-true recipes. 

  • We now have retail pricing for the people who want 1-10 bags of feed.

  • There is discounted pricing for those who want more than ten bags, but less than a ton.

  • There is wholesale pricing for people who use 40 fifty-pound bags (one ton, or 2000 lbs).

  • Additionally, you can mix and match feeds to make up your order’s number of bags and maximize your savings.

  • There is a $2 per bag discount for the 11-39 bag order and a $4 discount per bag for the full ton (or more) order.

  • Prices vary based on what’s in the feed.

CONSIDER and Compare by BAG SIZE

Our feeds are nearly always in 50-pound bags unless they are custom bagged for a special order or if the feed is fluffy. (We can barely stuff 4 1/2 pounds of dried black soldier fly larvae into a bag that will hold ten pounds of chick starter.)

A lot of mills put their feeds in 40-pound bags to make the price-per-bag cheaper, and to make the bags easier to lift. That’s important to remember when you are comparing pricing. Of course, 40 pounds will cost less than 50 pounds, though the bags may appear to be the same size.

Divide the cost (say, $30) by the number of pounds (50) to get the cost per pound.  $30/ 50=$.60 per pound. If it were a 40-pound bag, you’d do this: $30/40= $.75 per pound. It’s a big difference, but they look pretty much the same in their bags. Click here for a cost-per-pound calculator.