Sheep: Sweet Lamb Pie


This is Alice speaking here, providing you with full disclosure:

I’ll be honest with you.  I love sheep.  I have raised sheep and have loved them since 1995, and my interest in their nutrition is what got me started down my path to understanding and studying nutrition.  This may surprise you, but not everybody loves sheep, even people in my own family. I have lots of other animals, too, but there is a special place in my heart for sheep.

If you are reading this, you probably have sheep, so I don’t need to persuade you that feeding your stock well is the simplest, least expensive and most satisfying thing you can do in shepherding.  It’s not rocket science; sheep mostly eat grass.  But there are times and situations where grass is poor in quality, or unavailable, or it’s not enough for what’s going on in the flock.  Maybe it’s lambing time, or flushing time, or show time, or winter time.

That’s why we here at Union Point make Sweet Lamb Pie.

Corn, soy and GMO-free Sweet Lamb Pie fills the need for a simple, nutrition-dense sheep supplement that contains no GMO ingredients, no grass seed screenings, no ethanol-derived distillers’ grains, no unidentified “forage products.”  What it does contain includes Northwest grown oats, green and yellow peas, camelina meal, wheat and pumpkin seeds and a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and pro- and prebiotics with no copper. The formula is pH balanced for optimum rumen health and a calm digestive system and is rich in anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.  It is both healthy and delicious.

The essential vitamins A, D, and E are here in ample amounts to boost possible shortages in forage, selenium is included at a concentrated level ideal for feeding with Northwest hays and forages, and it’s made to be fed at low enough levels to make it both economical and effective.

If your sheep need to be fed a completely grain-free ration to comply with grass-fed certification, use our companion product, Sweet Lamb Grass Fed. It’s similar, higher in protein but has no grains and no added vitamins or minerals.  Peas, pumpkin seeds, and camelina oil make for a big kick in nutrition.

A taste of maple and Redmond trace mineral salts finishes out the tastiest, most wholesome feed your animals will ever love to crunch. It’s clearly labeled and dated for freshness.

Green and yellow peas, pumpkin and all the good stuff…

Green and yellow peas, pumpkin and all the good stuff…

Grass-fed sheep get most of their nutrition from their forage.  Whether they are eating fresh pasture or stored hay, for optimal health they need minerals that pasture does not supply.  This mix is specially formulated to have an ideal 12:6 calcium to phosphorus ratio as well as easily assimilated selenium yeast.  Redmond Conditioner and Redmond Trace Mineral Salt form the base for a tasty mineral mix.  We add probiotics and an organic form of zinc that promotes super strong hooves, fertility, milk production and immunity. Leave this mix out for them to snack on and you will notice a difference in health and hooves.