What Feeds Us

We love hearing that what we do here really makes a difference in your lives. Your response – and your animals’ – is the best measure of why we run this mill. Sure, the currency we are paid in can be measured, but what keeps us doing it when grain deliveries are late, or machinery malfunctions, or it’s hot and dusty (or cold and wet) is the reward of a job well done as seen through your eyes.

Here are what some of our customers have said:

My horses have never been so healthy, and I think it is the feed. I used to have to put hoof conditioner on them and I would still get dry, chipped hoofs, even when I fed them supplements. Since I have been feeding Easy Keeper even through the dry summer their feet stayed good. My farrier asked what I was doing differently, because they were so much better, and that’s all that it was, I think, the feed.  

 My birds placed in Champion’s Row at the national show again.  I wasn’t really surprised. They have been there consistently since I started feeding this feed.  I’d be surprised if they didn’t. They are pretty nice birds so that helps too.

 There are a lot of allergies in the family, and eggs from birds fed the Union Point layer feeds are the only ones my family can eat. Plus, the eggs taste wonderful.

 Since I started feeding Union Point’s Out to Pasture, my senior horse has regained the weight he had lost when he was sick. I couldn’t believe how fast his condition came back, and he is his old self again. I’m so grateful. You people really care about the animals, I can tell.

 Sweet Lamb Pie is our favorite sheep feed. It has no GMOs and it smells so good you want to eat it from a bowl with milk for breakfast.

 My rabbits won their class and the judge said he had never seen rabbits in such good condition as mine. Their fur was shiny and their body condition was just right.

 I love the fact that your scratch feed doesn’t have any GMO corn or soy, but even more I like that it has so many different things in it. There are lots of different kinds of seeds in it and it is so attractive. The birds just love it.

I get to clean the pens for my wife and what I like is that there is so much less poop than there used to be.

I live three hour’s drive from Union Point, but it is worth it to me to go down there to get the best feed for my pigs. They always taste terrific and I have customers that buy pork year after year.  I’m sure it is the feed that makes the difference.

 I love it! There is no dust at all and the animals are crazy over it.

I look at my birds every day and am amazed at them. They are beautiful, in immaculate condition. Their feathers are incredible. That’s all I have done differently, and my old feed was pretty good.

The quality is what keeps me coming back. The people at the mill are friendly and they load me right up. It is worth the drive.

Union Point’s quality control means you guys should command the market.

We thank you and our hens thank you. :)

Thanks for turning out such a premium product. My birds produce more than on any other feed.

It has been so much fun making our own product and selling it as our own business. The animals are so much happier and we hear such nice things from our customers. We are even selling internationally now. It has taken over more and more from our day jobs. I think we may just retire and do this full time pretty soon.

I like that you can read the label and know exactly what is in it, and when it was made. It is always so fresh.

Sometimes I run out and have to use feed from the regular feed store. I am always sorry because it is so dusty, and I don’t feel like I am getting my money’s worth. With your feed I know I am getting good nutrition. Sometimes I just keep the feed store bag for emergencies after I replace it with yours. It was probably old anyway.

I tried another feed that was also soy and corn free, non-GMO, but a lot cheaper. My birds got diarrhea and what a mess I had in the coop. As soon as they got back on your feed they were fine. I won’t be doing that again!

My pets used to wake up starving and scream for their breakfasts. They were never satisfied. Now they take their time eating and seem to enjoy their meal more. They like all the different textures in it.

We have a 4th generation cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon and for the last several years we have been getting a free choice mineral blend from you guys that fixed some nutrition problems we have been having forever. We get several tons at a time and would not be without it. Corky from Agri-King and the Union Point people saved us so much loss and heartache. Our cattle look great again.

Thank you for whipping together all those tasty recipes for my chickens and pigs. They all love the food and literally chase me down when I pull up in the car. They all look good, the chickens are laying like crazy even with these shorter days. You truly are working your magic with these feeds.

I didn’t really expect a difference in the chicks I hatched from my breeder birds. These guys are awesome. They have little Buddha bellies and the densest fluffy down I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been raising birds a long time. They are so vigorous. They took off faster than any chicks I’ve ever raised and they have me spoiled for any other feed.