Nutrient-dense formulations.
low-waste, ultra-clean feeds.


Union Point Custom Feeds gives people who care about nutrition and responsible sourcing an option to feed their animals. Small to mid-sized farmers, backyard farmers, and homesteaders appreciate our high-quality feeds, attention to sustainable sourcing and full nutrition.

  • Serving Oregon, Washington, California and beyond.

  • Making nourishing, high-quality feeds for all types of animals.

  • We are pioneers in making corn and soy-free non-GMO feed, and not only do our waste-free formulas work, but we know exactly why they work so well.

  • Sourcing local, soy-free, GMO-free, organic and specialty ingredients since 2001.

  • Custom-designed specialty milling equipment produces the most efficient feeds available, delivering more nutritional value to your animals with far less waste.

  • Pound-for-pound, our feeds offer more wholesome ingredients and dependable nutrition.

  • The only nutritionist-owned mill in the Northwest.

We are sustainable and local agriculture believers, family farmers, and long-time devotees to animal husbandry. We are grateful to serve you and your animals, whether they are chickens, ducks, specialty birds, goats, sheep, other ruminants, rabbits and other small pets, pigs or horses.


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Every customer's needs are different. It’s best for you to simply email us with your dream feed and location.

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