Frequently asked Questions


Q: What feed formulas do you make?

A: For our first dozen years we made feeds only to order, but over the last few years we have developed several formulas that are popular among a wide group of users. Once we started keeping a little stock of these popular feeds on the shelf we found that people loved having them always available. They liked being able to get a few bags of this and that when they picked up their regular orders. They’d get a ton of pig feed and maybe a couple bags of goat feed and three layer pellets. It turned out that it was good insurance against running out of feed if they forgot to order. They liked it as well as their own formulas in many cases.They didn’t mind saving a little money, because with improved efficiency we could pass on some savings. So now we keep about a dozen or more of our most popular feeds available at the mill.

Q: So you don’t have to buy a ton at a time anymore? You can buy just one bag, and there is stock on hand?

A: That’s right. You can come to the mill and pick up just what you need. You don’t need to order ahead, though we encourage you to check with us to be sure someone didn’t just come in and clean the shelves with a big order. If you want you can mix and match your order to take advantage of price breaks.

Q: Do you still do custom formulas?

A: Yes. That is an important part of our mission. We make feeds to our clients’ standards. We are specially built for this and can provide a unique service to help them achieve their goals. We’re the only nutritionist owned mill that we know of in the Northwest, and we enjoy working on new projects and being able to take a concept to completion. Find out more about custom feeds.

Q:  How about certified organic?

A: Yes, we make certified organic feeds if that is what the customer wants. We have been certified since 2004. Find out more about our organics here.

Q:  Is that your specialty?

A: Our specialty is making nutrient-dense feeds from clean, delicious and wholesome grains and proteins. We use domestic (USA) products sourced as close as possible to our mill. Local is a big bonus, logistically and from the perspective of sustainability. All of our feeds are pesticide and herbicide free, and most are non-GMO.

Q: Where can I buy your products? 

A: For bagged feed, come to the mill. For custom orders, go here. In-person pick-up at the mill is at 34974 Ranch Drive, Brownsville, OR 97327. It’s a big green building, nothing remarkable. Several ag business are next door. The second set of sliding doors will get you to the right spot. We’re a manufacturing plant, but we welcome people buying straight from the mill. (It has the added benefit of keeping us in close touch with what’s going on with your animals, because that’s what our whole business model is built on. And it’s more fun.)

We are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm., Monday through Friday. Directions to the mill from I-5 are here.

We also serve a limited number of feed stores and buying clubs. We have kept our main focus on doing what we can do that other mills can’t. We have grown slowly over many years to achieve the unique position we have in the feeds marketplace, making specialty feeds that other mills are too big to focus on. As we increase capacity we plan to continue do more of the same. In the meantime, we appreciate the interest stores have shown in us and are happy to let you know who might be selling our feed in your area. (Selling for us and want to be added? Please email us!) Here are links to some of them:

We welcome buying clubs and make it easy to sell to your friends and neighbors.

Q:  How much do I need to buy?

A: You can get whatever you need, from one bag of our shelf stock to multiple tons of your ownIf you want a custom formula, one ton is the minimum order.

Q:  What does it cost?

A:  The dozen or so feeds we keep on hand have prices at 40 bag “wholesale” levels and prices for smaller amounts. There is a middle price and a 1-10 bag price. We don’t post a price list on the web. Here are more details.

Custom feeds reflect the cost of the ingredients and the time and equipment used. We make the same milling fees no matter which ingredients are used, so the ingredients are the customer’s choice, which also puts the customer in charge of the price of the feed. So – it depends on your choices.

Here are some of the things we usually ask when we are compounding a ration:

  • How do you intend to use this feed?

  • What are your goals?

  • What are you trying to do that is better than off-the-shelf feed store feed?

  • How important are these things to you?

    • High quality ingredients? No fillers?

    • Whole grains instead of byproducts?

    • Local sourcing, American grown products? (no Chinese grains or proteins?)

    • Cost saving through better feed utilization?

    • Nutritionist involvement on every order?

    • Local milling and connection with the mill?

    • Freshness? Readable dates on the tags?

    • Corn free? Soy free? GMO free?

    • Certified organic? Other third-party certifications like Animal Welfare Approved?

    • “Fixed formulas” (no ingredient swapping or inconsistency)